Pen Testing & Aftercare

A Holistic Approach to Pen Testing, Backed by 20+ Years of Experience

Chaleit’s Fresh Pen Testing Approach

Penetration testing is no longer a mere commodity. It’s a crucial tool in the cyber security arsenal, offering immense value when performed well.

We leave the old hit-and-run model behind and prioritize making you more secure with constant support throughout the security journey.

You don’t have to carry the burden of post-testing remediation challenges alone.

Why Aftercare Is Crucial

Detecting vulnerabilities is not enough. Issues must be remediated and re-tested to increase security. Our services reflect this often-overlooked need.

Remediation Support

Forget boring reports. We save you time by logging vulnerabilities directly on Jira and attestations in Confluence. Once your team begins remediation, we offer information, tips, and support for fixing issues.


We close the loop. Once a vulnerability is fixed, we step in to re-test and ensure the remediation was efficient. And we’re doing it quickly and for free.

The Benefits of Pen Testing 2.0

Penetration testing can be a self-checkout with outputs you struggle to understand, prioritize, and fix. Or it can be a concierge experience, where cherry-picked security experts offer a valuable bespoke service. We believe the latter is the way forward.

  • Zero Lead-Time

  • Dynamic Reporting

  • Free Re-Testing Without Delay

  • Remediation Support

  • Time Zone & Delivery Flexibility

  • Concierge Service

  • Collaboration & Productivity

  • Data Security

Faster, Better, Safer

Zero Lead-Time

Timeline graphic showing that Chaleit's lead time of 1 to 2 days is sooner than the competition's 4 to 8 weeks.

4 weeks to 3 months? Pen testing should not take this long. With decades of experience, we built an entirely different model that makes us highly responsive and flexible. We deliver projects when our clients need them - not when our schedule permits.

How does 1-2 days sound instead?

Dynamic Reporting

An example of a CRM dashboard showing data.

Here’s what we know. Pen testers dislike writing reports. And clients don’t enjoy receiving them. A PDF report is not a living, breathing reflection of risks. It is a point-in-time document that is not easily shared.

We designed a better, more efficient way. Our dynamic remediation process enhances collaboration and gets things done.

Would you like to discuss your Pen Testing program with us in more detail to see how we can drive value together?

A Partnership, Not a Transaction

Free Re-Testing Without Delay

A bell chart showing that Chaleit continues support after the peak where other companies do not.

Let’s be real. Re-testing often takes 15-30 minutes. At Chaleit, you won’t have to wait in line to “get the testers back”. Or pay heavy fees for something that should be part of the process. Or go through re-testing 3-4 times, because you did not get proper support.

Let’s get it right the first time and invest in a mutually-beneficial partnership. Re-testing is on us.

Remediation Support

A person points to a red square on a grid of green squares.

Pen testing is traditionally project-driven. You get a report, an invoice, and Sayonara, baby! Not the case with our 2.0 approach - a term coined by our clients, by the way.

Pen testing is not the end of our engagement, but the start of remediation. We stay to help, collaborate, and support your teams. Even on single projects or “pen testing gigs”, we do remediation for free.

Communication, Collaboration & Flexibility

Time Zone & Delivery Flexibility

A dotted shape representing all continents and their time zones.

Our clients have global teams, and so do we. Chaleit’s security experts sit across time zones and are happy to take a synchronous (pinned to your primary locale) or asynchronous (super flexible) delivery approach. We get on your calendar, not the other way around.

We gather expertise from our full-time global team and work together to offer clients the right skills for the right stack.

Concierge Service

Traditionally, providers fail to collaborate efficiently with clients. We’re doing things differently. Call it concierge if you will.

We communicate - openly and flexibly. We get to work quickly and validate, publish, and inform you as soon as we identify vulnerabilities.

Most importantly, we help you fix major issues. In hours, not days or weeks.

Collaboration & Productivity

Kanban boards showing examples of tasks being moved along.

We seamlessly integrate your stacks into our process and use top-tier industry tools to boost productivity. Hello, Jira, Confluence, and Kanban boards. See your risk backlog change live as bugs get fixed.

Collaborate on what’s important to your business, and shift the risk dial in front of your eyes. Allocate resources and understand priorities in your remediation and risk pipeline.

Win confidence from your teams because they have visibility and can take ownership.

Making Life Simple

We work, integrate and report into your existing tools, platforms and workflows including:

  • JIRA / Confluence

  • GitLab

  • GitHub

  • AWS

  • Azure DevOps

  • ZenDesk

  • ServiceNow

...and many other DevOps / ticketing / board platforms.

Data Protection & Privacy

Data Security

Two people talking with an icon of a lock hovering between them.

We take data protection, processing, GDPR, privacy, and other regulations seriously. To de-risk our clients, we decided that data should reside with them. Consequently, we report directly into their systems and platforms - while adhering to protection and privacy policies.

Any residual data is purged according to a cadence-driven governance process to ensure thoroughness.

Ready to get the support and aftercare you need? Let's discuss your Pen Testing program and drive value together.

Cyber Digital Protection

Learn how we can add value to your company with our Cyber Digital Protection offering and how it could work for you.