/* Global Experts in Cybersecurity */
/* Global Experts in Cybersecurity */ 

Founded upon a client success model of care, attention and driving value, Chaleit takes responsibility for your cyber security from development through to production. A unique end-to-end security offering that supports your team and allows key talent to focus on what they do best.

Cyber Digital Protection

Learn how we can add value to your company with our Cyber Digital Protection offering and how it could work for you.

DevSecOps Engineering

A significant opportunity to resolve who owns security in your end to end product.

The Cyber Digital Protection Program offered by Chaleit offers my company a true partner in our security journey. Chaleit operates as an extension of my team by working with us rather than for us. I now have experienced partner testing software, consulting on product configurations, and security integrations into development and business processes all year. The ability to test on the fly and have the documentation uploaded into our Jira environment really brings testing results to life, allowing us to assign tasks and increase productivity across the board.

Senior Manager, Information Security & Compliance Large Enterprise, East Coast USA

Our ongoing collaboration with Chaleit remains a great experience. They are in many ways like an extension of our existing team, completely flexible and ever ready to work with us. Always available to help assist with remediation and in conversations with owners and stakeholders wherever there is a need.

Information Technology & Security Professional Top Global Charity Brand

Partnering with Chaleit allows us to tap into their experience and knowledge in a Cybersecurity spectrum which is very valuable to a team like ours.  We are really impressed by their timely support and the team always puts in the extra effort to ensure they are exceeding our needs!

Security Manager Global Shipping Company, Singapore


Security Testing

Complementing our Strategic and Advisory programs is a deeply technical Security Testing program of services. Comprising a group of specialists and generalists we have a diverse skill-set together with distinct workflow, teaming, methodology and reporting capability that sees quality control baked into every stage. Importantly, we promote active and open communication with our clients in this area of practice to ensure that we do this essential work together.

  1. Penetration Testing
  2. Code Review & Dynamic Testing
  3. Adversary Simulation
  4. Compliance Security Testing
  5. Vulnerability Assessment
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Strategic Advisory

Our Strategic Advisory Program is about adding value to your business; contributing expert opinion, advice and experience to your Cyber Security challenges. Our tailored suite of services is structured to address a number of core areas and can be together blended in packages to create an entire third-party, ad-hoc or retained advisory service.

  1. Program Development
  2. Application Security Architecture & Design
  3. Mergers, Acquisitions & Due Diligence
  4. Embedded Teams & Program Augmentation
  5. CISO Advisory Counsel
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Expert Assessment

Proactive Security, Security by Design and Embedded Security programs are critical in creating value in Cyber Security investment. With ever-complex programs, deployments at the click of a button and models/Cloud Architectures with seemingly no defined boundaries, never has the need been greater to get it right.

  1. Threat, Risk & Attack Modelling
  2. SDLC & DevSecOps Embedded Advisory
  3. Configuration Review: Application, Cloud, Infrastructure
  4. Security Business & Logic Review
  5. Cloud Security Assessment
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Welcome to a team of focus, openness and remarkable flexibility – a culture fusing together people, clients and fabulous intellectual property.

a total re-think of Cyber Security

Our mission is to grow a diverse group of Cyber Specialists respected by the Cyber Community and Industry alike. Led by a team who are free to innovate with their Clients, each other and the Cyber Community; to focus, specialise and provide serious attention to detail.


By structuring and delivering projects in unconventional ways, creating value at each stage of Consultancy and being commercially innovative, we put our Clients and People first.


Community is key to learning, sharing, giving back and creating opportunity.

BSides Delhi

BSides Delhi 2022 is an opportunity for information security professionals and enthusiasts to come together in a collaborative environment, to present, demonstrate and discuss their insights. Chaleit is proud to sponsor a complimentary workshop for 50 information security professionals , sharing some of the latest insights in cyber security.

Sponsorship: 11 November 2022

Null Con

Chaleit is the proud HACKIM CTF (Capture the Flag) sponsor for NullCon 2022. The conference is a platform for security experts and enthusiasts to share their research, knowledge and new technologies over the course of a series of training sessions, talks, exhibitions, workshops, competitions and more. NullCon is a valuable experience to connect with and gain insights from other security professionals regarding all things cyberspace.

Sponsorship: 9-10 September 2022

Threat Con 2022

Chaleit is proud to sponsor one of the largest international security conventions, Threat Con 2022. Cyber security professionals and hacker enthusiasts will gather in Nepal to discuss the latest insights and techniques in cyber security, through a range of talks, workshops and a game of Capture the Flag (CTF) – sponsored by Chaleit.

Sponsorship: 13-15 September 2022


At the heart of Chaleit’s culture is community, openness, engineering and sharing. We are proud to sponsor, mentor and support InfoSecGirls with our time, skills and abilities.


Learn about how our Cyber Digital Protection can reduce risk for your organisation