/* Global Experts in Cybersecurity */
/* Global Experts in Cybersecurity */ 

Founded upon a client success model of care, attention and driving value, Chaleit takes responsibility for your cyber security from development through to production. A unique end-to-end security offering that supports your team and allows key talent to focus on what they do best.


Pen Testing & Aftercare

Find out more about our holistic approach to Pen Testing, backed by 20+ years of experience.

Cyber Digital Protection

Learn how we can add value to your company with our Cyber Digital Protection offering and how it could work for you.

DevSecOps Engineering

A significant opportunity to resolve who owns security in your end to end product.

Chaleit bring a wealth of friendly technical guidance working hand in hand with our internal IT team and understand the importance of a multi-layered cyber security approach. The collaboration with Chaleit gives us peace of mind that we are doing all we can to protect our business aligned with the future security strategy.

Compliance and Projects Officer IT Company, European-Wide

The Cyber Digital Protection Program offered by Chaleit offers my company a true partner in our security journey. Chaleit operates as an extension of my team by working with us rather than for us. I now have experienced partner testing software, consulting on product configurations, and security integrations into development and business processes all year. The ability to test on the fly and have the documentation uploaded into our Jira environment really brings testing results to life, allowing us to assign tasks and increase productivity across the board.

Senior Manager, Information Security & Compliance Large Enterprise, East Coast USA

Our ongoing collaboration with Chaleit remains a great experience. They are in many ways like an extension of our existing team, completely flexible and ever ready to work with us. Always available to help assist with remediation and in conversations with owners and stakeholders wherever there is a need.

Information Technology & Security Professional Top Global Charity Brand

Partnering with Chaleit allows us to tap into their experience and knowledge in a Cybersecurity spectrum which is very valuable to a team like ours.  We are really impressed by their timely support and the team always puts in the extra effort to ensure they are exceeding our needs!

Security Manager Global Shipping Company, Singapore


Draw upon Chaleit's "CCCA" (Core, Code, Cloud, Attack) suite packed into our two service offerings.


“The Cloud” - a magnificent architecture that can bring about unforeseen complexities.


Code is a vast and complex, multi-disciplinary area, generally tackled with a hacker-first mentality.


Our Capability in “Core” represents a collection of fundamentals at the heart of modern corporations.


Our "Red Teaming" capabilities are honed from significant knowledge and carefully constructed methodology.

Welcome to Chaleit, a global leader in ‘Cyber-as-a-Service’. A fusion of the world’s best cyber practitioners, we have deliberately re-engineered and re-thought our approach to Penetration Testing & DevOps Principles. Chaleit is twenty years in the making, and the ‘future-now’ of cyber security services.

Our Footprint & Clients

We are truly global, however wherever you are, we are remarkably local. We were conceived and therefore headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Our 'local' claim is achieved with expert teams on the ground in the USA, Austria, Canada, India, Germany, Romania, Australia and New Zealand. Dubai is just around the corner. Our clients are all international leaders in their respective fields, typically large enterprise & multi-nationals across Tech, Financial Services, FinTech, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel, Legal, Retail, Energy & International Shipping.

What We Do

Rather than just what we do, let's consider what makes us globally unique. We took the very best skills in the fields of Penetration Testing and melded them with Agile Application Development. We considered the ever-increasing and recurring challenges our clients face. Pleasingly, the outcome was 'Cyber-as-a-Service', designed purely to address inefficiencies in our industry. A world-first model of Cyber Digital Protection and DevSecOps Engineering, completely unique to Chaleit, and yours to access as our client.

A Global Team

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Romania

Our Clients

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Western Europe
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
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