Cyber Digital Protection

If your enterprise is searching for a collaborative approach to Cybersecurity that creates exceptional risk reduction, put Chaleit between cyber security concerns and you.

Engage with the world’s best. We’ll work within your enterprise to drive real value, and real results, in Cybersecurity.

Ready to tackle cyber risk, continually & iteratively? let’s look at how

Engagement Models

Where and when will you
engage with us?

Development & Setup

Embedded in your teams for code review, rapid testing and preventative outcomes before they are deployed.

Agile Cyber skills embedded into your release lifecycle
Eliminate code flaws at the point of creation
Streamlined knowledge transfer & issue resolution
Integrated into your weekly stand-ups & communication flow

Continuous & Live

Cyber Security Assurance services, in real time that drives value.

A true extension of your team – no availability issues
Continuous, layered approaches & programs
Remediation efficiency driven together by collaboration
Advice when you need it


Point in time audits with full reports on the health and state of your systems. Just inherited something? We’ll map it.

Adhere to compliance & attestation
Long term reviews
Outcomes based
Drive reports and output yourself


What we offer and how
we’ll guide you

Flexible pricing

Simple or on demand payments
stay out of the way.


Tiered Pricing “Cyber As a Service”

Monthly / Annually
Continuous - On Demand - Embedded


Pre-Plan Budgets with Certainty & Real Term Price Reduction

Monthly / Annually
Continuous - On Demand - Retained

Customisable Plans

Single Instance, Bulk Days

On Invoice
Project - Pre Pay

Let’s drive value in cyber security together