“Outrageous Transparency; Unconventional Wisdom”

Welcome to a team of focus, openness and remarkable flexibility – a culture fusing together people, clients, community and a sprinkling of fabulous intellectual property.



We get it. We have been around the industry for ages. Most firms out there speak of a “vibe” and some really do achieve it. But the reality for many is a conveyor belt of projects, with no time to breathe or truly think. How can you find cool bugs under “factory pressure”?
In simple terms, why not change that and let passion not process fuel the business?

So we are taking an engineering mentality to growing the business structurally and a deeply human approach in terms of people. Let’s think clearly;

  • Things break without maintenance and downtime (yes, that includes people).
  • Whilst 110% utilisation is great financially it’s not sustainable…
  • Quality control should be embedded in every single step and not exclusively a “spelling check” at the end of a project.
  • No time for Research and Development builds technical debt and stifles personal growth.
  • Copying and Pasting from Word is not cool…(and is error-prone at best).
  • Cons are fun; they drive learning, community and break up the working cycle.
  • Having time out of the schedule to research and prepare for industry talks is vital.
  • Scraping together cash for test labs and tools for work, community and private research work is a pain.
  • If you don’t work on your bucket list, it overgrows or –worse still – stops filling at all.

Two of our favourite phrases are; simple is not easy…and obvious can be hard to implement…

Solution: Culture by Design, Simple Workflow and Serious Organisation

So, from day one, when you join we will dance in celebration to see your passion flow into creativity and this into your work for your clients and with your team. Our business systems engineering approach to care about each and every person is designed to take away all the inhibiting stuff we all know too well, to streamline the things that do matter and keep a parallel process running of developing our people. It’s not perfect, but we do know that super creative days create that wonderful “vibe” and fuel more of the great stuff as the company grows.




A Pen Tester’s daily world: project deadlines but with constant interruptions from the mothership, a barrage of beeps, pings, buzzes – in-app notifications, badges, unread “this and that”.  We believe that people do better work and are happier when they are not continually disturbed and can concentrate.

We threw away the concept of a Consultant “bench”; instead we built a Project system where (as far as possible and definitely skill-related), Consultants can select their OWN jobs for variety, interest and to keep life fresh. But life is not perfect so when a not-so-exciting Project comes up, we also say thanks and give kudos for being a team player too and making it happen.

This does not just apply to our techies, either – it’s for all. Simple again, but extraordinarily hard to implement in this busy world.

“We Borrowed Learnings from Aviation and Applied Them to Deep Tech…”

All tech-human systems have flaws no matter how good the software is. This we refer to as the “Human Factor”. To draw a parallel from the aviation industry, the best problem solving and systems involve both the creative human (the pilot), serious amounts of training and rehearsal and standardisation to ensure that those in the cockpit (aka the “Project” or “Research”) are all on the same page.

We keep information totally visible and simple across all project stakeholders. Then add creativity, self-selecting gigs, and teaming – and, hey presto … Information Security Magic starts to happen.



“It’s All About You. It’s About Growth and Variety.”


We recognise that no one is perfect nor is workflow, SaaS or other business systems. As we grow we need to learn, adapt to industry challenges, drive ourselves and our quality and not lose the vibe that is so important to a highly functioning team.


Mentoring: Everyone in the Company is part of a mentorship program. But this must not be confused with team leads. Mentoring is about figuring out how to get the best out of your own plans, goals, aspirations etc. It’s both formal and informal. And it’s not about seniority. Our Shared Services business and Founders make themselves available to anyone in the company who wish to improve themselves, drive something new, have a critical friend type conversation – you name it. Total openness and transparency.

Teaming: Each team has its own role to play in improving skills, undertaking new research for diversity and interest, building and evolving our tech stack and workflow.

Micro-Learning: Getting together after EACH Project, Talk, Con etc., and figuring out what we did well, and how we can improve. For Client work, we encourage open feedback so we can grow together.

Macro Picture Communications:

  • Internal Open Town Hall runs weekly as a totally open forum for anyone to attend to discuss company matters, how to improve, new initiatives and plans.
  • Monthly Strategic Meetings – Nothing here is secret. We openly mull and muse together.

Client 365: Let’s score ourselves together and understand how to improve, what could be better and how to fill in the gaps. We foster collaboration and total transparency.

“We believe that great client work comes from informed teams who are up to speed; not struggling to keep up to date because of back-to-back projects. Relaxed, happy people also produce the greatest work. Those who want to help and give something of themselves are great with clients, colleagues and peers. Build you own brand out there. Share with your colleagues and peers. Drive change in the industry.”



“Making it Personal; Making it Count”

Our total transparency culture is designed to help our teams collaborate, be happy and strive to learn together. We value contributions – no long-winded business cases and committees. If your idea will benefit you, your team and our company, then we will add it to our journey. Simple, isn’t it?

Business Life:

  • Yes, we have to wrap around client needs and log time (well, actually we “draw/confirm” our time visually as it’s far more accurate and easier);
  • We are financial geeks and love to know about all things Job Costing;
  • But let’s be clear, we believe in people and can be totally flexible;
  • We believe in endeavouring and doing stuff that’s hard. That’s rewarding. So working here is not easy.

Core To Our Values:

  • Here it’s all about the journey, a sense of fun and achievement; not just a job;
  • Working life is about give and take. Take rest  we are all human;
  • Everyone needs rest, self-improvement cycles, peak work, deep work;
  • Utilisation targets are flexible and have non-client research “baked in”;
  • Movement is cool: move around our businesses and taking on new challenges is encouraged;
  • Supporting your talks – conference talks need prep time. We want you to have that space. If you are energised to do this, it’s the least we as your colleagues can do in return.

Tailor Your Benefits:

  • Health, family life and personal matters don’t stop and take absolute priority – no questions asked (we affectionately call this “Mouse time”);
  • Vacation – we all need a rest. If you need more vacation, just arrange to take it and where you can plan it; if you don’t take one you may find us booking you one…;
  • Flexible Hours – total flexible work hours (in line with planned client gigs);
  • Time Out – take sabbaticals in lieu of all those extra project hours you put in;
  • Conferences – every techie needs conference time to network, speak, teach and learn;
  • Go build CTAs, labs and tools – where we can, we will help you with funding.

A truly global team, based around the world for best skills and coverage.


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