Welcome to Chaleit, a global leader in 'Cyber-as-a-Service'.

A fusion of the world's best cyber practitioners, we have deliberately re-engineered and re-thought our approach to Penetration Testing & DevOps Principles. Chaleit is twenty years in the making, and the 'future-now' of cyber security services.


Our Foundation

Chaleit (pronounced ‘Charleet’) was founded on the genuine values of client care, attention to detail and driving corporate and cultural value. Our leadership collective have established a number of highly respected and successful Cyber-Security organisations, with each deliberately geared for future acquisition and growth. Our combined experience of building cyber-businesses, for over 20 years, led to the vision of Chaleit – a global cyber advisory firm that is 100% remote, yet 100% human powered, providing expertise ‘as-a-service’, valuing relationships, sharing wisdom and taking a shared corporate journey with clients, rather than simply ‘point-in-time’ technical assessments and audits.


A Long Term View

Our clients love our service, respect our knowledge and enjoy incomparable return-on-investment. Quite simply, they are the foundations we have built and represent the three pillars of longevity that will take Chaleit on a most exciting global journey. From an entrepreneurial point of view, we place high value on organic growth and careful consolidation of traditional values that could potentially position our group of companies to transition into a public listing. Our long-term, incredibly talented Chairperson has floated over 130 companies and under his mentorship, is deliberately fast tracking technical maturity, value creation and future proof governance. Chaleit’s executive is a global-team of VPs and senior leaders who are naturally collaborative in nature, industry recognised and bring a client and team-first mentality to everything we do.


Governance & Compliance

Given the nature of our business, our clients and the company’s long term aspirations, Chaleit places great focus upon governance and compliance. The business is undergoing 27001 compliance, is CREST certified, audited extensively and, with the future in mind, is actually built to the standard required of a publicly listed company. Our global footprint means that we rarely need to travel, protecting human IP and supporting the ESG program which includes data governance, residency and protection. Combined with a meticulous attention to detail pertaining to communications, interactions, operations and technology, Chaleit and its clients can enjoy absolute peace of mind.



Referring to our foundation principles, we deliver outcomes that ensure Chaleit clients love our service, respect our knowledge and enjoy incomparable return-on-investment. Our model of ‘Cyber-As-A-Service’ – taking the very best of a SAAS business model and applying it to consultancy, means that we are an actual extension to a client’s team, but in a service sense as opposed to a traditional staff augmentation. This proffers a broader range of skills, solutions and facilitates our clients to transform and manage risk in their cyber journeys and importantly, delivers next-level interaction, expertise and advisory well beyond that of a Penetration Testing model. We work to the right-hand side in supporting remediation, entering at the very beginning of the development life cycle. We have no ‘typical’ clients. They range from having tiny Cyber footprints to running very large teams, some with mature coders and CI/CD pipelines, through to those requiring transformation from the outset. Whilst we do undertake extensive Penetration Testing and individual projects, the majority of our clients engage with Chaleit for the long term.

A truly global team, with clients based around the world.

A Global Team

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Our Clients

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