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Halp! Someone made me a CISO!

Date: 21 October 2021

Tags: Business Track

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The role of a CISO is complex, demanding and full of ever-moving challenges.

Aaron Katz, New York based CISO, joined us as guest speaker for our first webinar to share his experiences and pragmatic advice on how to build an effective security system for your organisation.

A fun, practical and informal discussion. If you missed it, contact us for a copy of the video.

About the webinar

Running a security program is no easy feat. Understanding your company’s business, balancing the budget, hiring great talent, and assessing risk are just some of the components necessary for building an industry-leading program. In an environment where the risks are constantly changing, time is scarce, and everything needs to have been secured yesterday, it can quickly become overwhelming. This talk focuses on providing actionable guidance to new CISOs to help them get started building and maturing their security program by sharing the perspective of a first time CISO in exploring strategies that can be used to build an effective program.

Date: 21 October 2021

About the Speaker - AARON KATZ

Aaron is an Information Security leader with a focus on building security programs who started with a tech background in Red and Blue teams. His expertise in Penetration Testing and Social Engineering through to Incident Response, Vulnerability Management, Application Security, Threat Intelligence, and Security Automation came from running very large global programs in the Financial Services space. Aaron is a CISO based in New York but with a global footprint in the Private Investment sector.

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