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Proud Supporters, Sponsors & Mentors of InfosecGirls

At the heart of Chaleit’s culture is community, openness, engineering and sharing. We are proud to sponsor, mentor and support InfoSecGirls with our time, skills and abilities.

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About InfoSecGirls

InfoSecGirls is a community for women passionate about Information Security. It also encompasses a wider program of activity for which Chaleit also provides support including InfoSecDiversity; “a community of diverse infosec professionals and students with different educational and linguistic backgrounds, greater neurodiversity, and greater ethnic diversity.”

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// InfoSecDiversity: Website | LinkedIn

Sponsorship & Support

Infosecgirls mirrors many of the values that Chaleit does. Their main objective is to get women curious about information security, by encouraging more women to participate in events like security conferences & community meet-ups. Chaleit’s main objective, from an ethical and mentoring perspective, is to champion diversity, meritocracy, inclusivity and opportunity. We agree with Infosecgirls’ observation that the field of information security lacks a community for women and therefore we can’t help but be involved. We believe in a long term commitment and are proud to have been approached to support this meaningful and important organisation.

Mentoring & Challenges

Chaleit's ethos around mentoring and coaching is strong - we encourage our own people to be the best they can by actively participating in their growth and helping our teams realise their potential. We extend this to our broader professional community too and are committed to helping to shape future shining stars of our industry. Part of our support will allow InfoSecGirls access to our key team for 1:1 coaching sessions, technical and business briefings, supporting or facilitating various technical challenges.

Hiring & Opportunities

Our hiring policy is that of meritocracy and opportunity. We encourage applicants who have the right skills, approach and personal nature to apply to join our business as we grow and new positions emerge.


Community is key to learning, sharing, giving back and creating opportunity.

Threat Con 2022

Chaleit is proud to sponsor one of the largest international security conventions, Threat Con 2022. Cyber security professionals and hacker enthusiasts will gather in Nepal to discuss the latest insights and techniques in cyber security, through a range of talks, workshops and a game of Capture the Flag (CTF) – sponsored by Chaleit.

Sponsorship: 13-15 September 2022

Living in a World of Zero Trust – Vandana Verma

Zero Trust has become the new buzzword in the industry. Everyone is talking about it and leadership is demanding Zero Trust architecture within their organisations. During this webinar, Vandana shares her perspective on Zero Trust.

webinar video:  Technical Path - 10 February 2022

Let’s talk about risk – a CISO’s view

A CISO’s perspective on risk – UK-based CISO Phil Whittaker tells it how it is, and how it could be, how it was, and of course, how it should be. With his experience, he has stories that would make your eyes pop! If you missed it, contact us for a copy of the video.

webinar video:  Business Track - 09 December 2021

Halp! Someone made me a CISO!

A CISO’s life is demanding and full of ever-moving challenges. New York CISO Aaron Katz opens our Community-focussed webinar series by sharing his pragmatic insight for tackling such challenges. An informal, fun and engaging session. If you missed it, contact us for a copy of the video.

webinar video:  Business Track - 21 October 2021

If you're interested in a career at Chaleit or being involved in InfoSecGirls mentoring programmes