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Living in a World of Zero Trust – Vandana Verma

Zero Trust has become the new buzzword in the industry. Everyone is talking about it and leadership is demanding Zero Trust architecture within their organisations. During this webinar, Vandana shares her perspective on Zero Trust.

webinar video:  Technical Path - 10 February 2022

Let’s talk about risk – a CISO’s view

A CISO’s perspective on risk – UK-based CISO Phil Whittaker tells it how it is, and how it could be, how it was, and of course, how it should be. With his experience, he has stories that would make your eyes pop! If you missed it, contact us for a copy of the video.

webinar video:  Business Track - 09 December 2021

Halp! Someone made me a CISO!

A CISO’s life is demanding and full of ever-moving challenges. New York CISO Aaron Katz opens our Community-focussed webinar series by sharing his pragmatic insight for tackling such challenges. An informal, fun and engaging session. If you missed it, contact us for a copy of the video.

webinar video:  Business Track - 21 October 2021


At the heart of Chaleit’s culture is community, openness, engineering and sharing. We are proud to sponsor, mentor and support InfoSecGirls with our time, skills and abilities.

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