BSides Delhi

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The sixth annual BSides Delhi conference will be held in Delhi, India, on 11 November 2022.

About BSides Delhi

The conference is an opportunity for information security professionals and enthusiasts to come together in a collaborative environment, to present, demonstrate and discuss their insights. There will be talks by industry experts on a range of both attack and defence topics, as well as workshops and chances for interaction from attendees. This volunteer organised event aims to make information accessible for everyone.

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Chaleit is sponsoring a workshop that will enable 50 information security professionals to learn a new skill at no extra cost. Unlike many other conferences, BSides Dehli makes these training sessions available to the community for free, via a workshop sponsor. This year, that’s us. We are also giving away a heap of exciting new merchandise to the trainees and attendees.


Community is key to learning, sharing, giving back and creating opportunity.

Null Con

Chaleit is the proud HACKIM CTF (Capture the Flag) sponsor for NullCon 2022. The conference is a platform for security experts and enthusiasts to share their research, knowledge and new technologies over the course of a series of training sessions, talks, exhibitions, workshops, competitions and more. NullCon is a valuable experience to connect with and gain insights from other security professionals regarding all things cyberspace.

Sponsorship: 9-10 September 2022

Threat Con 2022

Chaleit is proud to sponsor one of the largest international security conventions, Threat Con 2022. Cyber security professionals and hacker enthusiasts will gather in Nepal to discuss the latest insights and techniques in cyber security, through a range of talks, workshops and a game of Capture the Flag (CTF) – sponsored by Chaleit.

Sponsorship: 13-15 September 2022


At the heart of Chaleit’s culture is community, openness, engineering and sharing. We are proud to sponsor, mentor and support InfoSecGirls with our time, skills and abilities.